Dance Arts Iowa offers tumbling classes beginning at three years old.  The classes are held in Studio C (formally known as the  Yoga Room) in the lower level of the First Street Community Center with access either through the gymnasium or the outside entrance on the north side of the building.

Tumbling is not included in the Spring Dance Recital therefore no costume fee is required.  During the month of April there will be a tumbling showcase for all the tumbling classes  in the gymnasium.

This year the DAI Flexibility and Conditioning class is offered in Studio C and taught by Mrs. Hawker.  Dance students, except Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet/Tap, and tumbling students at the Beginning, Intermediate and Advance levels are encouraged to participate to gain strength and flexibility.

NOTE: The placement of students in the tumbling classes is based on ability and experience of the student and not entirely on their age.  Older students just beginning tumbling may begin in a class identified at a younger age level for their safety and to develop the appropriate skill level to participate in the class identified for their age group. 

Parents are encouraged to discuss the placement of new students with the tumbling instructor Annie Hawker (Mrs. Hawker).

Classes begin Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beginning 4:30-5:15 5 & 6 year old
Intermediate 5:15-6:15 7 & 8 year old
Advanced 7:15-8:15 9+ year old
Pre-School 5:00-5:30
3 & 4 year old
Flex & Conditioning 6:00-7:00 8+ year old

For a full Tumbling Schedule for 2016-17  please click on the following link:  class-schedule-9-26-16-studio-c